Capsules Lavazza


FAP capsules are compatible with the most common espresso machines, they contain 7,3 grams of coffee and they are individually wrapped in triple layer aluminum film in a protective atmosphere.

All products in fap compatible Lavazza Point

Blend Gusto Forte

Full-bodied coffee blend, creamy with full and strong flavor

Blend Gran crema

Full flavor coffee blend with rich aroma, creamy and velvety.

Blend Extrabar

Full flavor coffee blend, good body, the taste is balanced and round.

Blend Gusto dolce

Delicate coffee blend, with an extraordinary fragrance and a sweet and intense aroma..

Blend Premium

High quality coffee blend, with caramel and chocolate taste. For real connoisseur, ideal without sugar.

Blend Suprema

Delicate coffee blend, floral and fruity aroma, perfectly balanced with almond and honey undertones.

Blend Decaffeinato

It maintains the intense taste and the pleasant aroma typical of GRAN CREMA blend but the residual coffee content is lower than 0,10%.

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